Engaging in sexual intercourse with a dead animal that is aflame.
"My boyfriend is into pyronecrobeastiality"
by Elley Chaos April 22, 2003
Top Definition
is the act of having sexual intercourse with a dead burning animal. who the fuck thinks up this shit.....? what is even more disturbing is that 5 people in NSW history have been convited for this illegal act. what the fuck, is it that hard to go out and get a blow-up doll...
back in the late 60's billy was into a bit of pyro-necrobeastiality and was subsequently convicted for this illegal act. Fucker!!!
by Captain Disturbed September 11, 2004
the questionable but nevertheless legal act of fornicating with dead animals, while either you or the animal or both are on fire.
Greg and his mom killed a cat because they are sick, sick people who enjoy pyronecrobeastiality.
by MIKE BROWN March 08, 2005
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