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The capital of North Korea, also world's largest themepark. No-one actually goes there though, except a small number of tourists each year. The "streets" are empty as a movie set
The capital Pyongyang is not like any other place in the world. The whole city is like a giant communist themepark.
by Fire elf March 21, 2008
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Capital city of North Korea located along the Taedong River. City in which Kim Jong-il resides and favors heavily. Although he is the leader of North Korea, he remains ignorant to the rest of his country, allowing them to starve, while spending a hefty sum of money on Cognac. This is the capital city of a Communist dictatorship
Pyongyang is home to the midget dictator of North Korea
by geniusGZA January 01, 2008
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Capital city of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). Kim Jong-il lives here.

Hella fucked up, and is proud to show off its subway system and 4-laned highway. Psychotic dictatorship rules over people that don't even know people have walked on the moon. People there hate the US, Japan, South Korea, and UN with fiery passion.

Nobody wants to go there.
"You're so stupid, what college are you going to, Pyongyang??"

"He's from nowhere, like Pyongyang or somethin"

"You don't have a PS3!? Wtf, are you from pyongyang?
by Shigeru Miyam0t0 May 21, 2011
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