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A word used by African American computer geeks, or wigger geeks who play too many games like Counter Strike. Also sometimes used by normal people to make fun of geeks by using those words in an off chat comversation.
Geek: MOUHAHAHA OMG OMG OMG I pwendizzled you... noob... lol haha rolf rolf n0000000b!!!
Cool Kid: (tackles him in class football) LOL I pwnedizzled you you fricken n00bi!!
by gt3_dk June 04, 2005
To get pwned, fo' shizzle. A word formed from two different types of slang: hip-hop slang (where the -izzle suffix comes from), and l33tspeak (where pwned comes from). Also spelled pwn'dizzle
You just got pwnedizzle fo' shizzle because I do my dizzamn pimp thizzle, bizzle!
by Hand Hanzo May 29, 2005
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