The term only the niggers use when referring to Piscataway, New Jersey
He said he lives in P-way, he's a real nigger
by JayFreeze February 10, 2009
Top Definition
Nickname for Piscataway, New Jersey.
Pway is where all the ghetto people move to try to be less ghetto.
by RashaadB August 22, 2006
1. Referring to PISCATAWAY, NJ

2. A term loosely used by people in Central Jersey with poor diction, mainly niggers & spics

3. ORIGIN: The word, "PISCATAWAY" was shoved in a woman's vagina. She immediately douched, and the word "P-Way" came out. Thus the birth of the term, P-WAY. This occurrence, is celebrated every year on March 24th.

Man: Hey girl, I live in P-way

Woman: No thanks, nigg
by JagerBOMBy February 10, 2009
The dOpest place in JERSEY!
AyO im bOut tO qO tO P-WAY tO my cousin.
by FreSh.2.dEf January 12, 2008
An embarassing or unfortunate event or action, often comical. Also may be used as an expletive during said event.
"You're gonna love this restaurant, it's my favorite...WHAT? Closed on Mondays?? A PWAY!"
by Petey Boy July 27, 2003
Short for "Permanent way" - the physical bits of a railway line, and the place that people work.
If you have the certificates for pway work, you can be sure of a job for life - there are never enough pway people.
by po8crg June 08, 2016
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