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Vaginal discharge resembling snot or nasal rubber.
Last night when I went down on Suzie I got a healthy serving of pussybooger.
by devestment October 10, 2009
9 2
A blood clot, resembling a pitted cherry, that sometimes is discharged during a women's menstrual period.
When Sam was earning his red wings, he got a bonus; he found a pussy booger.
by Jay E. Griffin April 02, 2008
290 41
a vaginal discharge or secretion from ones pussy resulting in a booger like substance
After her long run, emily had collected pussy boogers in her panties.
by beyond bling ryders August 30, 2006
113 40
Small globs of toilet paper in the vagina resulting from not wiping thoroughly.
Could you please remove those pussy boogers before I eat?
by roberto September 18, 2003
78 36
When a woman doesn't clean up completely after sex and the cum dries up forming a pussy booger.
I was eatin' dat bitch out last night, and a damn pussy booger got stuck in my teef.
by A Bustle in Your Hedgerow November 03, 2011
24 15
a) thick, sticky cervical mucus that accretes into a clump which is then expelled from the vagina

b) a man who is sensitive, emotive, and socially awkward, but not at all in charming way

c) a term to describe both overexposed and completely indistinguishable heterotwinks (e.g. robert pattinson, zac efron, chace crawford, et al) and their fans
a) "No, you didn't get me all wet. I've just god a bad case of pussybooger."

b) "Baby, I love you so much eyes brimming with tears, that I just had to make you this collage photos of the pair cut into heart and star shapes; pink glitter; text cut from magazines reading "dream," "hope," "future," "forever;" the odd ostrich feather; a lock of chest hair.

"Yeah, thanks
bemused and horrified. But how about next time, instead of doing arts and crafts you fucking grow a set already."

c) "Paul Wesley is NOT a pussybooger," said the pussybooger.
by phosda June 18, 2011
2 0
Those crusties that adhere to your nose hairs after performing cunnilingus and smell like pussy.
Although eating a pussy might only last half an hour, the pussy boogers can remind you of a broad's scent for up to 12 hours.
by The Humpty Hump February 04, 2011
20 27