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one exercise women can do at their desk that is both effective and convenient!
Honey, have you been working out? Feel like you've been doing 100 puss ups !!! 8====>(|)
by orlandoirishman April 15, 2008
Pelvic thrusts into a womans pussy when engagine in sexual activity when she is on top.
I did over 300 pussups with my girl last night.
by gd4wg April 30, 2006
1.Something short of a real push up. When ass is higher then head and is moving in a humping motion.
2.When a girl humps a guy.
1. Donnie was pumping out the puss ups.
2. Aubree did puss ups with her boyfriend.
by backalackadurkastanese December 26, 2007
When a girl is naked and doing push ups with her boobies and pussy.
i bet you cant do five puss-ups Becca.
by Geoff Valiante February 22, 2008