1.Something short of a real push up. When ass is higher then head and is moving in a humping motion.
2.When a girl humps a guy.
1. Donnie was pumping out the puss ups.
2. Aubree did puss ups with her boyfriend.
by backalackadurkastanese December 26, 2007
Top Definition
Pelvic thrusts into a womans pussy when engagine in sexual activity when she is on top.
I did over 300 pussups with my girl last night.
by gd4wg April 30, 2006
one exercise women can do at their desk that is both effective and convenient!
Honey, have you been working out? Feel like you've been doing 100 puss ups !!! 8====>(|)
by orlandoirishman April 15, 2008
When a girl is naked and doing push ups with her boobies and pussy.
i bet you cant do five puss-ups Becca.
by Geoff Valiante February 22, 2008
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