pusstang: vaginal juice

'tang' as in orange tang(drink)

'puss' as in pussy/vagina

whoa! i'd love to have her pusstang!
by BR-U-CEY November 25, 2009
Any sports car, but specifically Mustangs, that have an automatic transmission and not a 5 speed.
Teenager: Dude, I just bought this brand new 2008 Camaro!

Friend: Man, that ain't nothin but a pusstang!
by mauserman October 21, 2007
The V6 version of the Ford Mustang, Like Pussy Mustang.
"I bought a new Mustang today!!" Is it the GT? "No, it's the Pusstang, but whatever."
by Split_FTW June 01, 2006

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