A viral infection that can occur in any organ or tissue of the body. Usually symptoms are constant bitching and whining about how bad it hurts.
Mrs Vanderbilt: Robby! Where is Rachel today?

Robby: She has a case of pusitis.

Mrs. Vanderbilt: She was bitching a lot yesterday.
by superfly69 August 12, 2010
Top Definition
Pusitis is a term that is used to define athletic underachievement which is usually accompanied by a halt in training. Pusitis is a somewhat serious condition and does not currently have a vaccine, although the leading scientists are working hard to create one. Competitive athletes such as runners, cyclists, and swimmers are susceptible to pusitis. However, those with the biggest concern should be triathletes, as they combine all three sports. Pusitis may be contracted in various ways. History has shown that sore legs, common cold, and broken bike parts are the most common cause of pusitis.
Example 1:
Brenden: Eh I got a cold eh. I will be sick for 2 days, but I might as well just take 4 weeks off.
Ethan: Sounds like you have a case of pusitis.
Brenden: Eh pusitis eh.

Example 2:
Brenden: Eh I broke the shifter on my bike eh. I can't train for a few weeks until it gets fixed.
Ethan: Pusitis in full swing again.
Brenden: Eh not my fault eh
by JuanPelota April 12, 2011
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