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1. A jacked-up pickup truck or SUV just begging to be pushed over. It would be a service to all other drivers on the road to humble one of these these top-heavy, oversized Urban Assault Vehicles.

2. What happens when a very pathetic, wimpy chick allows herself to be picked up by any guy mildly interested in her. Typically the guy becomes bored or dissatisfied after a short time and a breakup ensues.
1. See that pushover pickup that's tailgating me? I can't see anyone else on the road! At least in these Santa Ana winds here in the 909 should knock his truck over before my subcompact.

2. "Did you hear about Jason and Courtney? They like, totally broke up yesterday over the phone!"

"Yeah, seriously; I knew it was just another one of these pushover pickups that always fails after a month."
by spinningtabletop January 30, 2009
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