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Young, muscular people, usually shirtless men, who push the manual rides at medieval festivals, Renaissance faires, and the like.
(Advice for apprentice faire actors.) "Just tell 'em not to luv up too much on push monkeys and they'll probably be OK!" - Matt Worsham
#pushmonkey #push monkies #carnie #carny #faire #festival #amusement #ride #carnival #medieval #renaissance
by Donalan January 15, 2010
A style of intercourse most commonly used by the welsh, it involves sticking your hand from below a females waist and beneath the groin, thrusting using the leverage from your exterior motor created by a bend in the arm on your balls to generate speed.
"I was watching this porno in my backyard and this guy was doing the push monkey on this MILF."
#push monkeying #motorboating #crotchlocking #paddying #fantasizing
by jahart666 June 10, 2015
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