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a disgusting or objectionable person, particularly one with heavy acne
"Why don'cha be polite, ya stinkin' pus bag!" - guy in WTC in the Simpsons NYC episode

"The girl in that acne treatment commercial was a real pus bag."
by Doug Lundquist December 02, 2006
A filthy rude person that commonly emits stench, both verbal and physical. Unlike some beliefs pusbag does NOT relate to an act of being pussy or a coward. Its a combination of words Pus - (a yellow-white fluid a due to infection) and a Bag. Calling a person pusbag gives them consistency of containing nothing but filth, disease and shit.
Jabba the Hut - he's a huge pusbag
Moe Sizlack - nothing good ever comes out from that one...
by Knowingone June 24, 2011
a term used when calling someone a pussy is not emphatic enough.
Richs girlfriend wouldnt let him go to the bar with us after work so he didnt go. What a pusbag!
by Kevc June 21, 2006
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