~The insertion of something into ones memory that was never there to begin with.
~A word that is randomly and mentally added into a conversation that is not there; auditory hallucination
#1 - "My friend got a tatto of a pumpkin on his arm last weekend.
#2 - "What?! Why a purple pumpkin?"
#1 - "Purple? Where'd you get purple from?"
#2 - "You just said it."
#1 - "No I didn't. I said he got a tatto of a pumpkin. No color. Just a pumpkin."
#2 - "... oh."
by The Peanut Gallery March 15, 2005
hearing something in a conversation that wasn't actually there
adding someting mentally into a conversation that wasn't there
Person #1: So my friend is getting a tatoo of a purple pumpkin on his arm.
Person #2: What? Why?
Person #1: Because he likes pumpkins.
Person #2: But why is it purple?
Person #1: It isn't.
Person #2: You just said it was.
Person #1: ... no I didn't. I said he was getting a pumpkin tatoo. That's it.
Person #2: .... oh. Nevermind.
by The Peanut Gallery January 06, 2005

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