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Grab someone by the nipple on the cheast. Then twist very hard and ask them to name 5 cereals and a black president. Twist hard until their nipple turns purple because of the blood rushing to their pinched part. For better and quicker resluts, use pliers to get more leverage on the nipple.
i.e. #1 Brian gave Mike a purple nirple with a pair of plyers because he was defeated at mario baseball.

i.e. #2 Holding plyers tight, James gripped onto Jills nipple until she named Lucky charms, Cherios, Frosted Flakes, Shredded wheat and Wheaties.
by Josh of The Pipe Dream June 16, 2006
when you twist someone's nipple causing the nipple to become purple with a bruise. if nipple ring is present you risk ripping it out.
I gave nigel a purple nirple; he didn't tell me about his new nipple ring and it was ripped out
by lisa forever January 02, 2009
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