when you are campin out with your friends and you are dared to lick a puppy's dong
Jonathan performed an excellent puppy-lick on my dog the other day.
by Lil Kwon Kwon July 05, 2006
Top Definition
Puppylicking is used by Puppyshippers; people who ship Sirius Black/Remus Lupin of the Harry Potter books together, and is used in a loving manner, often between friends. One puppyshipper may puppylick a friend, but the friend, if not a puppyshipper, cannot puppylick back. It's most often used in the Fiction Alley Remus/Sirius ship threads.
Yvonne's fangirling the puppies was so cute, she just had to be puppylicked.

Anna gave Beth a puppylick.
by Cazzy-Tchan September 25, 2007
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