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Method Of Masturbation Where One Cups His Balls With Back Of Hand And Ejaculates On To His Face..
Mike's Flacid For Life. He Will Never Experience Puppy Cupping.
by Kevin January 26, 2004

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Extreme cuteness obtained by placing a small puppy inside a cuppy (in a non painful and distressing mannor).

Anysized puppy or dog will do. Insert into cup or and take photo for longer enjoyment as cup imprisonment is not condoned.
*Dog inside cup*

PERSON #1: "ZOMG! It's puppy cup!"
PERSON #2: Here look at this pic I took, puppycup lives forever now!
by Randomposter #513 July 19, 2009
To cup your balls and ejaculate into your face
I think i saw Tommy Puppy Cuppin, or Can I watch you Puppy Cup?
by Trent December 12, 2003