A term of endearment specifically for Mark made popular by Jackie by combining cupcake and puppykins to equal puppycake.
Puppycake, can you please do the laundry?
Puppycake - where are you?
by Crazy Asian Jackie June 15, 2008
Top Definition
Edible adorableness. Someone or something so ridiculously cute, it creates a sometimes unhealthy obsession.
"I go puppycake for baby animals and Hello Kitty."
by AuDiOsAnE February 13, 2013
traditional korean dessert. pastry filled with nuts (typically pinenuts or chestnuts), fuyu persimmon paste, and sweetened ground puppy meat.
ALso a colloquialism for fuzy scrotum.
Excuse me Sarinya, would you like to try one of my mother's puppycakes?

check out this picture, you can see mark's puppycake
by blooeyez August 04, 2008
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