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A very exciting and intelectually stimulating sexual position involving man on woman, man on man, or even woman on woman with a strap on dildo; or really any combination of the above. Person 1 takes position leaning out of a window, as if to wave good by to a loved one or yell at the trash man, as person 2 takes up position directly behind person 1 (P1). P2 then forcefully inserts their penis and/or dildo into the rectum/ass of P1. To simplify the explaination, its exibition anal sex where the goal is to be seen by as many people as possible.
"Dude she totally wanted to do the puppy in the window so all the neighbors could see how we role; it was sweet...then her grandmother pulled ito the drive way!"
#hot #right #gay #lesbian #sex #window #dirty #clean #man #woman #animal #dog #puppy #small child crying #ice cream
by Trevor and Brittney February 28, 2008
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