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Punts is a multi purpose word that can be used as a replacement for any verb or noun when speaking to another who understands the meaning of punts. Punts is a magical word and allows for free speech when in the company of those who can not comprehend punts. Punts can be put in any sentence at any time, without judgment or questioning.
What about punts?
I really want to punt that punt tonight.
I really need her to give me a great punt.
Thats puntin' sweet.
Thats fuckin puntariffic and puntastic all in one !
by The Professional Punt October 21, 2007
7 20
(MIT slang) (1) To skip class (2) To avoid doing work. Ant: tool.
by anonymous November 07, 2003
216 104
To be kicked.
Dag yo!
by anonymous April 05, 2003
167 83
To kick an object as far and hard as possible
you punted the ball over the fence bell-end!
by bob bmac August 29, 2006
116 56
To have a bet.
John: I have a feeling QPR will beat Man U today.
Alex: At 14/1, it's worth a punt!
by Top Tipster January 10, 2013
29 5
To 'have a punt' means to bet prospectively on something that probably won't win.
"What so you think Shergar is coming in at Cheltenham?"

"Not really, but I'll have punt on that"


"That stuck up bitch over there only sleeps with guys who have at least 10 grand in their pocket and a diamond bed to sleep on"

"Fuck mate, have a punt, if it don't work out, nothing lost."
by cocktwist March 18, 2010
49 29
Busting huge airs whilst engaging in the act of surfing.
Corey Lopez throws down mad punts every time he gets in the lineup.
by Ranger Mike March 31, 2009
8 5
to buy time, delay

This is likely in reference to football (American) where a punt after possession is used to keep the opposing team from scoring for as long as possible.
Person A: Why did you turn them down?
Person B: I was punting! They were trying to force me into a bad deal.
by Johnald141 November 04, 2007
18 15