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The blend of punk and emo styles in a non-poser way.
She looked very punkimo in her new skirt.
by Kirstenna December 31, 2003

People who enjoy all the aspects of emo life but dont fit the whole "not smiling" "im a wus" sort of deal and frankly dont give a fuck if u think they are or not. They enjoy the aspects of punk life as well. They wish they could get the whole Dashboard crew to beat the living shit out of Tom Delong. They wear thick black rimmed glasses because they have to not because they suck and are posers. they dont like moshing but rather preferr
A)playing the music that is being either moshed to or having lighters lit to
B)standing in the crowed laughing at the stupid fucks who got the shit beat out of them in the mosh pit

Backwater Country hick aproaches a "Punkimo" kid and says "hey you faggot emo kid go cry over your poetry"
then the "emo kid" proceeds to beat the living hell out of the hick and then decides to write a song about it.
by Anonymous April 05, 2004
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