A fusion of contemporary punk and rockabilly.
Often confused with psychobilly, a long dead (regardless of what some Tiger Army kiddies will tell you) British offshoot of rockabilly and trash.
Punkabilly is more of a good time, rockin' sound, sometimes with some elements of swing or jazz thrown in.
The Kings Of Nuthin' sure are one hard rockin' punkabilly band!
by Thee Red Monkey June 06, 2006
Top Definition
A type of music stemming from Rockabilly, the earliest form of rock, a distinct combination that includes blues, bluegrass, and even country. Punkabilly is a fusion of the 1950s Rockabilly and hard 1980s punk rock.

Often confused with Psychobilly, although this form of music is a fusion of Rockabilly and 1970s British punk rock, and is traditionally characterized by references to horror films, violence and obscene sexuality.
Punkabilly's my favorite genre.
by ComaCat May 17, 2006
a style of popular music combining forms of punk and hillbilly (country) music
Yellowcard goes punkabilly on "A View From Heaven".
by Vanessa March 01, 2004
^^^ your a queer, punkabilly are bands like The Nekromanics, and Tiger Army...also some would say Living End, some would not...but whatever
There doesn't need to be a example, except the first kids a queer
by --Ben-- May 08, 2005
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