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a form of rape. A form of sexual assult, it is an illegal action.
when i man attaches a sharp object to his penis. Then with an erection he will choose his victim punch him/her similtaniously penetrating him/her at the same time. PUNCH THRUST.
by AXcamm November 15, 2007
A really fast form of rape that is so fast that they don't see, hear or feel it coming, they think they have just been punched in the face but they have in fact been "punch thrusted". Because as they punch the victim in the face they thrust into them extremely quickly, short skirts are preferable for easy access.
Victim: "Hey"
Culprit: "Hows you?"
*punch thrusts*
Victim: "Why did you punch me! and what's this rip in my skirt??"
Culprit: *Runs*
by Gavin Marcol November 15, 2007
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