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a figure of speech used any time a man knowingly does something "semi-manly", or deemed as feminine. The idea is, the more holes you punch, the less "manly" you are.
At the Bar:
Man 1: "I'll have a Newcastle."
Man 2: "I'll have a Jack and Coke."
Man 3: "I'll try a Cosmopolitan."

Man 1 to Man 3: "Make sure you punch a hole in your man card by the time the night is over, you pussy."

On a "guy trip":
Man 1: "Why the fuck are you wearing a fanny pack?"
Man 2: "It holds all my shit"
Man 1 to Man 2: "Punch another hole in your man card for that one, bitch."
by Surf City Bum July 16, 2010

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