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In major league baseball, the act of letting a young pitcher throw too many pitches in a given start.

In reference to Chicago Cub manager Dusty Baker who has a reputation of recklessly letting young pitchers throw too many pitches, thus putting their long term health in jeopardy (ex. Mark Prior, Kerry Wood).
Jim Leyland was pulling a Dusty by letting Justin Verlander throw 175 pitches in his last start.
by toupeeonfire July 18, 2006
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Combining an over-reliance on underproductive old men with a near supernatural ability to ruin, hurt, or destroy the young and talented. While generally a baseball term pertaining to how baseball manager Dusty Baker ruined the Chicago National League Ballclub, it can be easily used across all business settings.

Often used in conjunction with Pulling a Hendry.
Falling in love with Neifi Perez and pitching Kerry Wood into the morgue is the original example of "pulling a Dusty."
by s.m.j.r. July 18, 2006
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