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When someone bikes an incredibly long distance from his house in an urban area and locks the bike up on the sidewalk. You and your friends all over 21 and are out of college and this guy still bikes everywhere, not answering his cell phone so you don't know where he is or when he's getting there. You then hang your head in shame and pretend you don't know him.
Friend on bike: "Hey guys (sweating profusely), is the bar closed yet, I just biked 12 miles to get here.

You: "OMG dude, you have a car and are 24 years old, and yes! The bar is closed; it's 2:15AM.

Friend on bike: Damn, I’m gonna start biking home now.

Drunk Friend: Oh god, he is always pulling a gerry!
by philfromphilly February 17, 2008

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