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is when, just before or in the middle of sex, a person has a panic attack, starts crying, or runs out of the room naked because of nonsensical emotional distress (a person who is upset because they are being hurt/forced/etc does not count, only if they want the sex and panic because they are about to get it).

This can also be used for any panic attack or tears that occur when a person is getting exactly what they want.

This act is referred as "pulling a dwayne". Somewhat offensive term.
Two people who have had a crush on each other for months finally get in bed. He gets naked, she's almost so. As he's pulling off her underwear, he begins hyperventilating, then runs out of the room naked saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry!" and then spends an hour crying in the shower, leaving her laying there wondering "wtf? Is he pulling a dwayne?"
by Miriana July 18, 2010
Pulling a Dwayne is when you say your going to do something and hype yourself up acting like you're the biggest, baddest muthafucka ever then you just bitch out at the last second with some pussy ass excuse.
Guy 1: I'm gonna go over there and fuck that bitch, she gonna want this dick, she won't be able to walk for days.
Guy 2:Alright bro go get that hoe.
*Guy 1 walks right over to the girl, walks past her and comes back*
Guy 2: What the literal fuck man!?
Guy 1: Uh man idk I had diarrhea or something, uh I forgot to brush my teeth, uh My shoe lace was untied.
Guy 2: Man yo bitch ass was just Pulling a Dwayne.
by ThatNiggaJerome August 12, 2014
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