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The act of piling more people than is legal (or comfortable) into a car in order to transport said people to a certain destination. It originated with the transport of 7 passengers in a 6-passenger minivan to Busch Gardens. This is most common in minivans with 2 seats in the middle row and 3 seats in the back. One person has to sit in between the seats in the middle row. Resourceful passengers in the past have found ways to get comfortable and even fall asleep while sitting on "The Floor" and this seat is switched out every time the vehicle stops. Whoever sits on "The Floor" is entirely responisble for being aware of whenever police cars are nearby so that they can duck and the others can cover them up.
Everyone in the back has to sit on "The Floor" at some point but whoever has shotgun never has to sit on "The Floor" so that's the best spot to be.
Person 1: How are all of us getting to (insert location here) in your 4-passenger car?
Person 2: It's okay, we're pulling a Busch Gardens.
Person 1: Oh. Sweet.
by PLAH January 05, 2006
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