(verb) Where Roommate A proceeds to jerk off in his own bed 3 minutes after Roommate B turns off the lights - failing to notice or discern that there is absolutely no way that Roommate B could have fallen asleep in only 3 minutes.

Roommate A first climbs under the covers and opens his laptop in bed, with a bottle of lotion and a box of tissues close at hand on his nightstand, and proceeds to jerk off while watching some sort of porn. The masturbation includes moaning, creaking of the bed, and finally climaxes with Roommate A skeeting into his own bedsheets. Roommate B, in shock, then hears Roommate A go to sleep in his freshly skeeted sheets and tossing and turning in his own semen throughout the night.

Roommate B wakes up early the next day (Saturday morning) and witnesses Roommate A already awake (approximately 4-5 hours before he usually gets up on weekdays, let alone weekends) and gathering ONLY his semen filled bed sheets to take to the laundry room.
Jim: "Yo Jones, I heard a lot of sound coming from your room last night, did your roommate finally lose his virginity?"

Jones: "Nah man, he was pulling a Rabadi. Goddamn bastard didn't even wait for me to fall asleep."

Jim: "Damn, that dude has problems."
by silenceIsDiamonds March 02, 2011

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