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to leave or step down from something that doesn't look like it will go anywhere, only to discover almost immediately upon departure that it would have made one extremely rich, famous, or successful.

Mockery of Pete Best, the original Beatles drummer, who quit the band before they hit it big.
Wow, Julia Roberts is totally pulling a Pete Best to back out of that role in The Blind Side. Its a best actress Oscar shoe-in!

OMG, you totally pulled a Pete Best by quitting show choir. Next week, Idina Menzel is coming to talk to us!

Wow, all those publishers who turned down JK Rowling pulled a Pete Best, didn't they? Bet they wish they had said yes now.
#pete best #beatles #pulled a pete best #feel like pete best #felt like pete best #dumbass
by sophiagrace7 September 21, 2010
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