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To get pregnant by a close friend and/or find a couple you like to raise the baby.
Kim got pregnant when she went camping with bobby, one of her best friends. She decided to have the baby and give it to a couple who is unable to have their own. She really likes the couple and visits them regularly to reassure her that they will make good parents for her child.
To pull a juno.
by ulmo September 08, 2008
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"Dude, your recliner smells funky"

"That's because last night my girlfriend and I pulled a Juno on it"

Pull a Juno
by meuzikluver January 26, 2013
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To get pregnant as a teenager and keep the baby.
Pull a Juno

From the popular movie Juno

Anna had sex with her boyfriend for the first time in 10th grade. After this, she found out she was pregnant. After deciding to keep the baby, she had officially pulled a juno.

See also Juno
by Smooshie June 10, 2009
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