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Has several meanings:

1. Inability to go away.
2. Inability to take a hint.
3. Overall being unable to stop being a fag.

Named after Ruler Eric, one of the greatest leechers of all times.
1. Guy one: Gtfo!
RandomFag: Ur just jealous cause i r better than u

2. Guy one: We'd rather you not stole our software.
RandomFag: Im not stealing it, im making it better.
Guy one: We don't want your help.
RandomFag: Then I'll release it myself

3. Guy one: GO AWAY YOU FAGOT!
RandomFag: Ur just mad because my coding r better.

E.G. Guy one: RandomFag is gonna pull a ruler....
by ImNotZapp January 14, 2007
To delete oneself in a rage.
Ruler Eric got mad and deleted himself. Therefore he did 'pull a ruler'
by ImNotZapp3 January 21, 2007
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