A pugger is a slang word for pussy nigger. in other words a black man or someone who is the real scumbag of earth, and is a major PUSSY.
Snorlax: Dude were on top of the empire state building!

Dickweed: yea bro its scary!

Snorlax: you wana jump off, with a parachute?!?

Dickweed: No bro! Its to fucking scary!

Snorlax: Wow! your such a pugger!!!!!
by MOTHERFUCKIN BALLER January 12, 2011
Top Definition
A term used to describe a person who is a total individual. They don't care what anyone thinks of them and they do what they please. Just like a pug.
That girl is such a pugger.
by Freedom Rocks May 31, 2011
Pugger is a noun derived from the the acronym PUG, for Pick Up Group. This refers to a person (in an MMOG) who bands with you in the interest of achieving a shared objective. A pugger has a dubious amount of skill and therefore may be of little use.
Among circles in online communities, specifically Multi-User-Online-Games(MMOs) such as World of Warcraft, There are two types of people you may encounter: People that belong to your extended social network, and people you don't know. A pugger takes the form of the latter: a passerby.
by Johnny mix March 26, 2008
A dry substance consisting of vaginal secretions in ones sinus passage left after performing cunnilingus for a period of time that have the same texture of buggers, but smell like a vagina.
After going down on my girlfriends pussy, my nose gets stuffy with puggers.
by reallyrandy February 24, 2009
A prayer mugger, such as on social websites. A person wanting attention for themselves always asking for prayers for this and that, ...family, friends, etc.
What a bunch of puggers in this forum.
by bodhizapha May 20, 2011
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