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Pudding Pops are a frosty popsicle treat originally made and marketed by Jell-O. When they were first launched, Bill Cosby acted as spokesperson for Pudding Pops.

Jell-O discontinued making Pudding Pops, but in 2004 they were reintroduced to grocery storescitation needed under the Popsicle brand name. Pudding Pops come in a variety pack of chocolate, vanilla and chocolate-vanilla swirl, which have 90 calories per serving, 3 grams of fat, and 15 grams of carbohydrates.
Pudding pops, oh yeah.
by Mighty White Mike October 22, 2006
(v.) to rape, or to drug someone's drink with the intention of raping them. The term is a reference to serial-rapist Bill Cosby, who was both a spokesman for Jello Pudding Pops and a serial rapist who drugged women and raped them.
Amy, don't drink that! I think that douchebag pudding-popped your drink!
Poor Tiffany doesn't date anymore; she's traumatized by a freshman-year date pudding-pop.
by UnfrozenCaveman November 22, 2014
When one gives anal sex to another person, and pulls out his penis to find it covered in a significant amount of fecal matter from the receiving person."
"I fucked him in his sweet sexy ass but pulled out a pudding pop."
by Dennis April 20, 2005
The act of wiping one's butt with inferior toilet paper and a finger unintentionally breaches the tissue, thus becoming layered in fecal matter.
Hey dude, could you upgrade the toilet paper. I got nothing but pudding pops with every wipe.


Be careful with this toilet paper it's prone to pudding pop.
by IceAdvice January 19, 2013
Pooping into one's hand and then slapping someone in the face with the same hand.
If you don't get your hands off my girlfriend, I'm going to pudding pop you right in the fucking mouth.
by King of the Barbarians August 25, 2008
The name given to a penis after it has encountered anal intercourse followed swiftly by a blow job.
The pudding pop i ate was so sloppy my face looked like i just tossed a garden salad
by Garth January 19, 2004
to loose the virginity in your butt-hole
to get pudding poped is to be butt plugged
by DazedNc0nFU5ed03 March 26, 2003
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