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When a male ejaculates into a hat of some type, then proceeds to place it on an unsuspecting person's head!
Ew I just got pudding cap'd! I need to shampoo now.
by Jimothy J. Jerkums III September 10, 2007
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A pudding-cap has been described as a sexual act, a sport, and a way of life. A pudding cap is usually performed with three people; a "supplier", a "capper", and a recipient. The supplier ejaculates into a hat held by the capper. The hat is then placed on the recipient head. Then all involved yell "PUDDING CAP!" while the recipient is left confused and shamed.It has many variations involving more people and different objects.
Jim wacks it into Adam's sweet fitted. Adam then puts it on Jake's unsuspecting dome-piece. Adam, Jim, and all who view this yell "PUDDING-CAP!" and laugh. Jake goes to the corner and cries.
by Ahhhhhhhdam November 16, 2007

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