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A dude who masterbates all the time.
Chad is such a pud wacker.
by iulawboy July 28, 2004
A man which will do anything for a women he likes and that does not like him back. Buy gifts,do favors,give soul.. etc. without getting anything in return.
Steven: Where is Jeff?
Nick: Oh hes with Laci
Steven: That pudwacker is always with her doing shit for her, is he even getting any game?
Nick: No she has a BF and he dosn't know ... HA!
by Joe Doll April 25, 2005
A Person Lacking Skill
A Pussy
A Whimp
1.That kid i just pinned was a pudwacker
2.Hit him Don't be a pudwack
by Britt119 December 30, 2007
People who have small dicks and wack off a lot.
What a pudwacker.
by al November 26, 2003
A person who is random. You don't like them and they get offended when called pud wacker
kylersay siyay ayay udpay ackerway.....pud wacker
by Pinny November 04, 2007
An alternate term for a utility/sheet rock knife in the construction industry.
Hey shitstick give me that pudwacker over there.
by hung like a light switch August 03, 2008
a person who makes no sence in what they are saying or does something really dumb, says something really dumb or someone you just dont care for..
Oh My god, that guy is such a pud wacker.
by ProjectRAGE September 01, 2005
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