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spanish word for vagina.
hey muchacha, let me see your pucha.
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
163 41
spanish slang for damn, and vagina.

also written puxa, in internet slang (x=ch in online slang)
Weon1: oye q me kede tan borracho ayer q me subi en un arbol y me cai
(i got so drunk last night that i climbed a tree and fell out)
Weon2: pucha weon k ere leso
(damn, dude, youre an idiot)
by *.*.*.k0rY.*.*.* February 26, 2006
71 88
pinche + puta = PUCHA
"Yellow shirt over there!!"

I'm such a pucha!!

"mm l00k at that body"
by Maira October 05, 2007
12 97