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spanish word for vagina.
hey muchacha, let me see your pucha.
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
spanish slang for damn, and vagina.

also written puxa, in internet slang (x=ch in online slang)
Weon1: oye q me kede tan borracho ayer q me subi en un arbol y me cai
(i got so drunk last night that i climbed a tree and fell out)
Weon2: pucha weon k ere leso
(damn, dude, youre an idiot)
by *.*.*.k0rY.*.*.* February 26, 2006
pinche + puta = PUCHA
"Yellow shirt over there!!"

I'm such a pucha!!

"mm l00k at that body"
by Maira October 05, 2007
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