A hat made out of pubes. Made by shaving off a person's pubes and using the hairs to make a hat. In order to make a pube hat one's own, it must be knit by the person intending to wear it and made of someone else's pubes.
Damn Ryan! Is that made from Justin's pubes?! That's one hot pube hat!
by Theawesomehatmaker November 01, 2007
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Pubehat describes a particular hairstyle. In which someone has grown their hair outward, afro style. Once said hair is large enough in diameter one places a baseball cap overtop to give themselves hat hair. The resulting case of hat hair closely resembles a fedora made from pubic hair.
Man, Look at that kid's afro. He's got a total pubehat.
by Bo Holbrook June 28, 2008

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