A character supposedly made up by Drunkmagikoopa.
He is just a Kermit head with pubes all around him and a homosexuality beyond imagination.
He usually speaks with incredibly sick language using the words poop, ass, dildo etc.
There are also some variations like the pube Jason, the pube fozzie, the pube peggy, and the pube Ein.
"What the fuck? what kind of a piece of shit stablishment is this? FUCK OFF AND LET ME BE!"-the pube muppet
by anonymus March 17, 2006
Top Definition
a sexy sexy sexy homosexual.
Hello my good man. I am the pube muppet.
by cyberen August 13, 2004
The hottest most sexual muppet of them all... Kermitt.... Also it can be a badass mother with a huge dangly cock.
Yo, that kermit wang is WACK??

Fuck me hard u pube muppet.
by Lisa January 25, 2005
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