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n. Mild insult. Derived from the French abbreviation for "Petite," as "Li'l" is an abbreviaton for "Little."
Shut up, you p'tit cockrobber.
Acronym for Punch/Punches/Punching Thunder in the Sack, Thunder referring to people who claim that wrestling is real and romance is fake.
ptits is fun when you're pissed off!
by TheLost4400 July 03, 2009
The area of flesh between the arm pit and the tit.
I understand you are an excellent knife thrower, but seriously, that last one grazed my P'Tit.

She had a rather unpleasent and rather hairy mole on her right P'Tit.
by baby hand delight March 06, 2006
public transport it.
My car won't start, how am I going to get there? "Just pt it."
Bus, Train, Tram.
by dtjpa July 13, 2010