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Usually, the prostitosticles are the underveloped mammary glands of the famed prostitot species.
However. it is also quite common to find the prostitosticles of a prostitot prematurely overdeveloped due to a freakish side effect of growth hormones in modern food.
1. Man 1: Holy crap, check out the tits on that chick!
Man 2: Dude, she's like 10....

Man 1: How do you know?
Man 2: She's coming out of an Elementary School....
Man 1: But she's wearing a mini skirt a low cut tank top.
Man 2: yeah, well they sell those in Libby Loo.
Man 1: aww dude, i think i just vomited in my mouth a little bit.
Man 2: Fucking Bratz dolls...
2.The prostitot was bearing her prostitosticles to the other children on the playground. these of course, looked nothing like her mothers breasticles, and were very similar to a a skinny mans' neck fat being pushed together.
by skidmarkpanda May 26, 2009
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