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Noun. Atraction, love for speeding.

It combines the latin word propero-, meaning to hasten, accelerate, speed up, move rapidly, come quickly, with the ending -philia, meaning love of/for.

According to answer.com, "etymology teaches us that speed and success are closely related. The Old English word sp*e*d, from which our word speed is descended, originally meant “prosperity, successful outcome, ability, or quickness.” A corresponding verb, sp*e*dan, in Modern English the verb speed, meant “to succeed, prosper, or achieve a goal”; and an adjective, sp*e*dig, the ancestor of our word speedy, meant “wealthy, powerful.” Except for archaic uses the words today relate only to the general sense of “velocity.” The meaning “success” is retained chiefly in the compound Godspeed, a noun formed from the phrase meaning “May God cause you to prosper.”
Example> "Properophilia is a sign of modern life"
by Mauricio Leandro October 21, 2007

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