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Not unlike a promise ring, a promise cat is a ceremonial feline offering to one's significant other, symbolizing commitment to future engagement. A promise cat provides the additional benefit of satiating maternal instinct, temporarily delaying the urge to procreate.
Mike: "How long have you two been together now?"
Bill: "About 5 years."
Mike: "When you going to make her a wife? There must be a ton of pressure in that direction..."
Bill: "Dude, you don't even know. Her younger sister just got married, and her facebook feed is filling up with friends' baby pics. I ended up getting her a promise cat to release some of the pressure."
Mike: "Nicccce. Classic move, brah."
Bill: "Yeah, that oughta hold her off for now."
by SensualHarassment April 06, 2014
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