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A syndrome that affects nearly 2/3 of the American population. It is a name given, with a French twist, to describe those that are promiscuous and have many sexual partners.

Can occur in both sexes for different reasons:

Man suffering from promiscuous folie a trois: He sleeps with as many females as possible because he likes the "strange" and it just feels so damn good to be inside of a woman. Sometimes the syndrome manifests because he fears his own mortality and prompts him to enjoy as many women as he can before that day dawns. Other reasons may include: God complex, hate, apathy, heartbroken, passing the time or an actual love of all females all the time.

Woman suffering from promiscuous folie a trois: She sleeps with different men because she's looking for a mate for life; Hopefully one that can satisfy her sexually (for as long as they both shall live) and is strong enough to stand beside her. Another reason may be because when you got the "itch", it must be "scratched".
Man - Dr. just told me I have 2 weeks to live. I've been faithful to Sally these past 10 years but I think it's time to adopt the promiscuous folie a trois way of life.

Woman - Mary is such a folie imposee. She says in order for me to find the right man, I need to become more of a promiscuous folie a trois.
by onemankindawoman October 05, 2013
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