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when a dude has got two different women pregnant at the same time. The babies are project twins.
Derwin: Melanie, I don't want no project twins.
by Jay. L. October 17, 2008
When a male has two different females pregnant at the same time.
Oh, I would hate to have project twins... maybe I should be more respondsible
by WyattMathews February 22, 2009
When a man gets two diff. women pregnant at the same time.
"Man, you heard about Rob?"
"Nah, what happened?"
"He got Denise & Sherrie pregnant at the same time."
"Ah ha! That nigga havin' 'Project Twins!'"
by Junie P October 20, 2008
When two women are pregnant around the same time and will give birth around the same time by the same man. These women may or may not know each other.
"Man I heard that Dionne is pregnant with Mike's baby.."
"oh foreal....isn't Kayla pregnant too and it's mikes?"
"damn those are gonna be a pair of project twins"
by MissCla October 20, 2008
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