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A ghetto bitch who lives in government housing.
Look at that project bitch with her $190 sneakers buying 40 oz's of Colt 45 with food stamps.............Dumb Bitch!
by drunknfuctup June 28, 2004
A bitch that isn't too great right now, but will be very good in the future once you succeed in working your magic on her in one way or another.
Neil: "Heard you and Mary are getting together."
Bob: "Yeah, what about it?"
Neil: "That girl's the biggest prude this side of the Susquehanna. You couldn't get in those pants if you were her favorite pair of panties."
Bob: "S'aiight nigga. She's a project bitch. Give me a couple of months and I'll be hittin' that like J.J. Redick hits wide-open threes."
by Nick D February 11, 2004
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