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Not really considered to be an official genre, and not really as much of a combination of the two genres (progressive house and breakbeat) as it is to destinguish itself from Breakbeat in it's Hip Hop influenced form - where more of the emphasis is on being funky.

A Prog Breaks fan is more often a discerning listener and a thinker. Typical features of Prog Breaks include:
> Tidily composed, cleverly arranged beats
> A variety of texture (rough, smooth, sharp, flat)
> Ingenuity and innovation in synthetic sound
> A breakdown of some kind (for a few seconds), where the artist has let their creativity loose with upfront synth sounds or with a crazy, unpredictable bout of broken beats set to send your mind boggling.

Notable artists include (but definately not restricted to) - Hybrid, Luke Chable, Phil K, Andy Page, Burufunk, Grayarea.
"What kinda music you looking for mate?"
"Breakbeat, but proggy breaks - intelligent breaks"
by Bumclouds July 13, 2005
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