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(n.) the person you are embarrassed to go to a restaurant with because they ALWAYS send their plate back multiple times in order to get (1) a new, hot plate of food (2) free meals, desserts, coupons for future visits, etc. (3) an apology from the manager (4) put on the restaurant's 'do not serve' list
Yeah, we went downtown to that new place and she ordered a cheeseburger...she ate half and then said it wasn't cooked well enough...then when they brought a whole new one she decided she wanted cheddar and not provolone...THEN they brought that and she said the first one was better and she wouldn't pay for it...the manager came out and gave her a coupon for a free entree, apologized, and said her meal would be on the house. I can't stand professional table chefs! Go home and cook!
by leclassique November 08, 2010
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