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Originally a psychological term indicating an empowered, self-reliant individual, this has evolved through misuse into a neo-antonym of 'reactive', and is used as such to emphasise the preferability of one attitude or course of action over another. It connotes alertness, awareness and preparedness, and seeks to dispel any conceivable impression of incompetence.

'Proactive' is interesting in that it is perhaps the classic example of the unnecessary neologism. It serves as an antonym to 'reactive', yet 'reactive' is itself the antonym of 'active'.

Arguably, since 'proactive' is now perhaps more widely used than 'active' for the specific purpose covered by the newer word, 'proactive' must be recognised as a legitimate word. The cult of hatred that has understandably grown up around the word can only help it endure further.
One is 'active' as opposed to being 'passive' or 'reactive'. One is 'proactive' as opposed to 'speaking English'.
by Peter Gibney December 20, 2006
A word dumb poeple use to sound smart.
"Whats your opinion on the matter, Bob?"
"Oh, well I'm proactive."
by T April 25, 2003
a word smart people use to sound dumb, "proactive" supposes a superior degree of action and, perforce, an inferior inaction and can be likened to the attempt to qualify an absolute. a patent nonsense and specious construct deriving from the same font of blather from which insurance and real estate industry "professionals" drink freely, whence also comes;
"pricepoint", "impactful", "empowered" and "that said". an example of the fundamental paradox of the school of polysyllabic palaver which proves more is actually less.
i empowered my client when the pricepoint i suggested proved impactful to the sale of their home. that said, i was proactive.
by lexicali slim September 26, 2009
The things you do that you don't have to do that make all the difference when it's to late to do anything about it!
Bobby is so proactive
by zowie123 February 04, 2010
according to me, proactive means getting some other significant information, then getting the desired information and then recalling the desired information
by darshan g godbole August 27, 2003
Sometimes used before, while, or after having sex. Also in a relationship. When used in this context, it usually means the person wants you to take more control, meaning it's not all about the other person.
"You're fine in bed, but be more proactive"
"I feel like im the man in this relationship, you need to be more proactive"
by Kat [MyChem 4evr] November 03, 2007
The most powerful, non prescription laxative.
If you are suffering from constipation, ask your chemist for new Proactive.
by Loony Choon January 13, 2004
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