An entitled white, heterosexual, middle to upper class man who acts as though the world is just because it revolves around him and refuses to see how institutions and structures are set up to benefit him, and oppress others. However, a PDD can also be a black straight male, or a gay white male, or a poor straight man, so long as he denies his privilege based on gender, class, or orientation.
Privilege Denying Dude: "I'm not racist, my best friend is black!"

Privilege Denying Dude: "I'm not sexist...but why do you think there aren't as many women in science or math?"

Privilege Denying Dude: "Affirmative action is reverse discrimination!"

Privilege Denying Dude: "Why do you gay people have to go and profess your sexuality to everyone!"
by welcometotheworld December 07, 2010
Top Definition
All too often a knee jerk ad hominem attack used by a feminist against a male, especially one whom she can't argue down.
Rob: In our legal system, defendants are innocent until proven guilty, even men accused of rape.

Kathy: You're such a privilege denying dude, siding with the pervert instead of the victiom!
by Medicine Show September 09, 2011
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