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(n)1. Uncontrollable trickling viscous fecal matter issued during or post-sodomitical coitus. 2. A spicy, thickening agent used in recipes destined for non-allies.
So, I had this guy, who looked like he'd just gotten out of jail yesterday, bent over this chair, right? And I'm fisting him with a rubber glove I just happened to have. I didn't have any lube. He was used to it anyway, given where he'd just spent the last 7 months of his life. Anyway... all of a sudden I hear this euphoric scream! Then it was like my hand was moving with a mind of its own! It was like his ass had shot prison gravy everywhere! It was so hot! Daddy, did they feed you corn yesterday?
by An Apologetic Comrade June 23, 2006

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